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The construct system of a patient of Depression is investigated with the Rank Order Repertory Grid Technique, using principal component analysis to analyse the grid matrix. The investigation helps test clinical judgments and hypotheses concerning the patient and also suggests new directions for further clinical enquiry. This case study demonstrates how the(More)
Computed tomography of the brain was performed in thirty schizophrenic patients in the age group of 19-45 years and thirty controls matched for age and sex The size of lateral ventricles, the width of the third ventricle and the sylvian fissure were measured in the CT scans. On group comparison, we found that the size of lateral ventricles expressed as(More)
The Repertory Grid Technique was used to study the construct systems of patients diagnosed as Endogenous and Neurotic Depressions. Twenty-five patients of each category were administered a Rank Order Repertory Grid comprising ten elements and fifteen constructs. The completed matrices were subjected to principal component analysis. Inter-element distance(More)
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