G. Subash Chandar

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A pilot functional MRI study on a control subject investigated the possibility of inducing increased neural activations in primary, as well as secondary motor areas through virtual reality-based exercises of the hand. These areas are known to be important in effective motor output in stroke patients with impaired corticospinal systems. We found increased(More)
Formal verification plays an important role in the verification of complex processors. In this paper, we discuss the usage and impact of equivalence checking in the verification of TI's TMS320C27X DSP core. During various phases of the design, we need to ensure the correctness of the design, a significant part of which could be best done with an equivalence(More)
A virtual reality based exercise system for hand rehabilitation post-stroke: transfer to function. analysis of neural mechanisms underlying rehabilitation in virtual reality: activating secondary motor areas. Use of virtual objects to improve gait velocity in individuals with post-stroke hemiplegia. Chuang TY, Sung WH et al. Effect of a virtual(More)
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