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A randomized multicenter study was carried out in 12 centers in Italy to compare administration of a single dose of teicoplanin (400 mg i.v. bolus at time of anesthesia) versus that of five doses of cefazolin over a 24-h period (2 g at induction of anesthesia and 1 g every 6 h postoperatively, i.v. bolus) as antimicrobial prophylaxis in patients undergoing(More)
High tibial osteotomy is a reliable method for relieving pain in the varus osteoarthritic knee. In a review of 139 osteotomies, excellent and good results were noted in 64% of the knees after a follow-up period of at least ten years. The ideal candidate for this operation has Grade I or II osteoarthritis; less than 10 degrees of varus deformity, as measured(More)
Valgus deformities at the knee can be successfully corrected with V-shaped supracondylar osteotomy. The advantages of this relatively simple technique are low morbidity, good stability with early weight-bearing, no need for internal fixation, and ability to adjust alignment with postoperative cast. Healing is relatively rapid (two months), and the range of(More)
Two randomized studies have been initiated to establish the role of teicoplanin as systemic therapy for infections in burns patients and as short-term prophylaxis for orthopaedic implant surgery. Opportunistic micro-organisms causing infections in burn patients are often acquired in hospital. These infections commonly involve Gram-positive organisms which(More)
The authors illustrate the diagnostic and therapeutic problems posed by pigmented villonodular synovitis of the hip by reviewing the literature and reporting on six original cases. Four of these cases were treated by synovectomy and two by prostheses. The best results were obtained with the total prostheses, but this must be considered in the light of the(More)
We carried out total hip replacement and femoral head bone-grafting in 21 hips with congenital dysplasia or dislocation, obtaining as much support of the cup by the host bone as was possible. A Charnley small or extra small cup was implanted in 20 cases and a miniature femoral component in 15. The results of 20 hips were reviewed prospectively at an average(More)