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  • Bergen, Norway, +260 authors Kiš
  • 2004
The CBM Collaboration proposes to build a dedicated heavy-ion experiment to investigate the properties of highly compressed baryonic matter as it is produced in nucleus-nucleus collisions at the future accelerator facility in Darmstadt. Our goal is to explore the QCD phase diagram in the region of moderate temperatures but very high baryon densities. The(More)
Detailed studies of the azimuthal dependence of the mean fragment and flow energies in the Au+Au and Xe+CsI systems are reported as a function of incident energy and centrality. Comparisons between data and model calculations show that the flow energy values along different azimuthal directions could be viewed as snapshots of the fireball expansion with(More)
The Phase I FOPI data evidence for highly central Au + Au collisions at 100, 150 and 250 A·MeV systematically larger mean kinetic energies for 3 He fragments relative to the 3 H values [1]. The EOS Collaboration find the same trend with somewhat larger size [2]. Microscopic transport models [3] and hybrid hydrodynamical models, including pure Coulomb(More)
The cross section for ep → e b ¯ bX in photoproduction is measured with the H1 detector at the ep-collider HERA. The decay channel b ¯ b → eeX ′ is selected by identifying the semi-electronic decays of the b-quarks. The total production cross section is measured in the kinematic range given by the photon virtuality Q 2 ≤ 1 GeV 2 , the inelasticity 0.05 ≤ y(More)
Glass resistive-plate counters (GRPC) with multistrip anodes are possible candidates as ToF detectors for FOPI [1, 2]. Here we present further results obtained with protons of 1.5 GeV at the SIS. All counters have center anodes with strips read out at both ends and altogether six 1 mm thick plates and four gaps of 0.3 mm. Both outermost plates are connected(More)
The ATLAS group from IFIN-HH is involved in several physics studies. For these we perform data analysis and Monte Carlo simulations operating large amounts of data. The main aim of this following paper is to present how we developed a computing cluster who offers access to the experiment software via a distributed filesystem and it's able to process the(More)
Experimental data on K + meson and proton sideward flow measured with the FOPI detector at SIS/GSI in the reactions Ru + Ru at 1.69A GeV and Ni + Ni at 1.93A GeV are presented. The K + sideward flow is found to be anti-correlated (correlated) with the one of protons at low (high) transverse momenta. When compared to the predictions of a transport model, the(More)
Equilibration of the isospin degree of freedom, the isospin dependence of the sidewards flow, balance energy, preequilibrium nucleon emission and subthreshold pion production are phenomena proven to be sensitive to the isospin-dependent nuclear equation of state and in-medium nucleon-nucleon cross section [1]. In this contribution we will report on(More)