G. Stanley Cox

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Temporal Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) is used to visualize blood vessels in x-ray images. A DSA image pair consists of the mask image, which is a digitized x-ray taken before a contrast medium is injected into the bloodstream, and the live image, which is taken once the contrast medium has traversed the circulatory system and reached the blood(More)
A number of tumor cell lines have been examined that differentially produce human chorionic gonadotropin and the isolated alpha- or beta-subunits. It has been demonstrated that all of the cell lines studied to date contain genes for both alpha- and beta-subunits, indicating that differential and exclusive expression of one subunit is not the result of a(More)
In addition to its synthesis in the developing placenta, human CG or the isolated alpha- and beta-subunits are synthesized by a wide variety of both trophoblastic and nontrophoblastic tumor cell lines. The beta-subunit confers unique biological activity on the hormone and is encoded by a family of six genes or pseudogenes linked physically with beta LH at(More)
The effect of butyrate (Btr) and 5-azacytidine (azaC) on genomic DNA methylation was examined in a variety of human tumor cell lines. Butyrate treatment differentially affected 5-methylcytosine (m5C) content in a cell type-specific manner. For example, incubation of CBT cells (glioblastoma multiforme) for 48 h in medium containing 2 mM Btr resulted in the(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the human glycoprotein hormone alpha-subunit (GPHalpha) gene 5'-flanking DNA was determined from -1637 to +49 relative to the cap site (+1). Comparison of the upstream sequence of the human gene with those of rhesus and mouse demonstrates regions with variable identity. When the 1.7 kb fragment was used to drive the expression of(More)
The structure, expression, and evolution of Alu repetitive DNA elements have been extensively studied, but the role of these sequences in the function of primate genomes has yet to be elucidated. The contribution of Alu repetitive sequences (ARS) to the structure, maintenance, or expression of the human genome is undoubtedly mediated by one or more DNA(More)
The steady-state level of mRNA encoding the glycoprotein hormone alpha-subunit is increased about 4-fold in HeLa cells by cycloheximide (CHX) or puromycin at concentrations that inhibit protein synthesis. This effect is observed in a number of cell lines that ectopically produce alpha-subunit, including ChaGo (brochogenic carcinoma), FL (amnion), and HeLa(More)
The glycoprotein hormone alpha subunit secreted by HeLa cells was retained by concanavalin A:Sepharose and by ricin:agarose, indicating, that the tumor protein has carbohydrate side chains containing both mannose and galactose residues. Lectin chromatography of the intracellular hormone suggests it is probably a precursor to the secreted protein, it was(More)