G Slavin G C Kaye

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BACKGROUND Beta-blockers are effective for the treatment of heart failure, but their mechanism of action is unresolved. Heart rate reduction may be a central mechanism or a troublesome side effect. METHODS A randomized, double-blind, parallel group study comparing chronic higher-rate (80 pulses per minute) with lower-rate (60 pulses per minute) pacing in(More)
AIMS External direct current cardioversion is an effective method of restoring sinus rhythm (SR) in patients with persistent atrial arrhythmias. Increasing demand for hospital beds, together with a reduction in junior doctors' hours, has adversely affected cardioversion provision. A regular nurse-led cardioversion service conducted in a dedicated hospital(More)
The use of implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) in the management of malignant ventricular arrhythmia is well established. Radiation treatment is common in malignant neoplasms, but the direct effect of irradiation in ICD is largely not well understood. We describe a case where radiation treatment probably led to shock coil failure.
Patients with heart failure are prone to a variety of arrhythmias, symptomatic and asymptomatic, that are prognostically significant and have an important bearing on the management of these patients. However there are some inherent problems in assessing the frequency of these arrhythmias within a large patient population, due to a lack of uniformity in(More)
AIMS To assess the prevalence of heart failure and asymptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction in the chronically paced population. METHODS AND RESULTS Three hundred and seven patients were identified from attendance at routine pacemaker follow-up clinic. Subjects underwent a medical history and examination, 6-minute walk test and echocardiography.(More)
For over 40 years the measurement of intracardiac impedance has been proposed as a method of assessing the contractile state of the heart muscle. This technique requires the positioning of one or more intracavitary electrodes and the generation of an electric field from an alternating current source. Variations in the calculated impedance signal reflect(More)
AIM Chronic right ventricle (RV) apical (RVA) pacing is standard treatment for an atrioventricular (AV) block but may be deleterious to left ventricle (LV) systolic function. Previous clinical studies of non-apical pacing have produced conflicting results. The aim of this randomized, prospective, international, multicentre trial was to compare change in LV(More)
The prevalence of atrial fibrillation (AF) in patients with heart failure (HF) is high, but longitudinal studies suggest that the incidence of AF is relatively low. The authors investigated this paradox prospectively in an epidemiologically representative population of patients with HF and persistent AF. In all, 891 consecutive patients with HF [mean age,(More)
Twenty five specimens of the human right atrial appendage were examined for immunoreactivity to alpha human atrial natriuretic peptide. In the electron microscope characteristic amyloid fibrils were identified around small blood vessels and adjacent to atrial muscle cells in eight of the surgical cases and in two necropsy cases. In six cases, four surgical(More)