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We all agree with the fact that the reality is pretty good this will be experience by our sensory organs. Even the virtual world is amazing but the virtual and real world together working is complex. Gratefully this is changing now a days by new tool by which we can see our world with a layer of new information that's we called as Augmented reality (AR).(More)
Adding a layer of digital information on top of physical world around us, this is what Augmented reality (AR) is. We are already doing this in lots of different ways; one of the common ways is through smart phone technology. Smart phone technology has several features that make augmented reality attractive and easier to implement one of those might be(More)
We are on the verge of universally adopting Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to augment our perception and help us see, feel, and hear our environments in enriched and new ways as Augmented Reality (AR). Simply we can say that it's a combination of a virtual object or 3D objects which are overlaid on live camera feed information. It is not only smart(More)
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