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OBJECTIVE Lymphoepithelial-carcinoma or lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma is a rare tumour, the histology of which remembers nasal pharyngeal is lymphoepitheliomas. Their presence has been described in multiple localizations, but only 55 cases have been described in the bladder. We present a new case of bladder lymphoepithelial carcinoma and performed a(More)
The aim of the ObNet model is to provide a framework for the design, development, maintenance and run-time support of large, long-lived, highly configurable systems for which the integration of different programming paradigms and environments plays a major role. The model defines some basic mechanisms which can be used in developing specialized software(More)
and templates. The diierences are: 1 this process may be executed at run-time, and 2 in our system we explicitly allow re-interpretation. In the latter case, there can be a feedback from the executing system to the model interpreter, and thus components can be changed dynamicallybased on events appearing in the system. Our run-time system allows this, and(More)
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Model-Integrated Computing shows the following advantages in the software and system development process: 1 It establishes a sofware engineering process that promotes design for change. 2 The process shifts the engineering focus from implementing point solutions to capturing and representing the relationship between problems and solutions. 3 It supports the(More)
Title: Conflict handling strategies in emotional key. Abstract: Conflict is a dynamic and complex process emotionally actived. Therefore, in order to understand conflict management processes, it is necessary to study the influence of emotional variables which surround confrontations. The purpose of this paper is to explore how mood can influence the choice(More)
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