G. Senthil Kumar

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Simple sequence repeat (SSRs) of DNA are subject to high rates of mutation and are important mediators of adaptation in Haemophilus influenzae. Previous studies of the Rd KW20 genome identified the primacy of tetranucleotide SSRs in mediating phase variation (the rapid reversible switching of gene expression) of surface exposed structures such as(More)
This paper presents various observations, from electromagnetic simulations and experimental results of a split ring resonator embedded patch antenna. Simulations have been done by inserting more number of SRRs in the patch antenna. There is an increase in gain, antenna efficiency, shift in resonant frequency and dual frequency of operation for the proposed(More)
This paper analyzes the FWM effect with different frequency spacing schemes that can be employed in WDM based optical networks in RADAR remoting applications. Presently the fiber optic RADAR remoting technique has got wide acceptance because of the advancement in the field of RF-Over-Fiber system along with WDM based networks. This will replace the(More)
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