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BACKGROUND The cytotoxic agent bendamustine combines a purine-like benzimidazol and alkylating nitrogen mustard group. The clinically tolerated dose for single bolus bendamustine is 215 mg/m2, for fractionated therapy on four consecutive days 85 mg/m2. The maximum tolerated dose of a day 1 and 8 (q4w) 30 min infusion schedule was recently found to be 160(More)
SUMMARY Milk performance data of cross-breds in the synthetic breed German Black Pied Dairy Cattle (SMR), that had calved for the first time between 1970 and 1984, were used to estimate individual cross-breeding effects on milk production traits. Three million pure-bred and cross-bred cows that were in their first lactation and had originated from(More)
Crossbreeding between indigenous and exotic sheep breeds is the fastest method of increasing the performance of sheep in the tropics. The aim of this work was to assess the performance of Cameroon sheep (C) and their crossbreds (Cameroon x Mutton, F1) and (F2 from Cameroon x Milk sheep) under different housing and feeding conditions. The following traits(More)
Die Einordnung der Rassen nach bestimmten Kriterien in eine Reihe erleichtert die Beurteilung der Versuchsergebnisse. Vergleiche unselektionierter, miteinander nicht verwandter Tiere auf Station erlauben es, die Rassenunterschiede in einzelnen Eigenschaften, nicht aber im Gesamtwert einwandfrei zu ermitteln. Der Vergleich zwischen reinrassigen Tieren und(More)
Distribution areas and the size of the population to be remained were determined for every breed of 19 cattle breeds, 15 swine breeds, 16 sheep breeds and 14 horse breeds characterised by valuable and unique qualities. Special farms for genetic resources conservation were established. A gene pool bank for semen of sires belonging to 26 local and aboriginal(More)
Changes in genetic variation of sexual maturity, initial and 500-days egg production during 12 year of selection for these traits were estimated by investigating the changes of their h2 coefficients. Three variants of calculations of h2 were used utilizing the production records for period of 2, 3 or 4 consecutive generations respectively. The results(More)
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