G. Scott Rutherford

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A white male developed severe headaches at the age of 31 years. Aqueduct stenosis with hydrocephalus was diagnosed. Some months after surgery (shunt) his behaviour altered and eventually he became mute and akinetic. Frequent episodes of marked autonomic over-activity occurred. The clinical and necropsy findings of aqueduct stenosis, hydrocephalus and(More)
Introduction The automated breast volume scanner (ABVS) is the fi rst of its kind and utilises a large, 17 cm × 15 cm high-frequency ultrasound probe which sweeps across the whole breast generating images that can be reformatted into multiple planes and a 3D volume. ABVS will change breast ultrasound practice by: introducing operator standardisation,(More)
In this paper we describe the start of system implementation in the participatory geographic information system for transportation (PGIST) project. The PGIST web portal is being developed to support public participation in transportation improvement decision making in the central Puget Sound region of Washington State. Implementation has followed design(More)
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