G . Schwitzgebel

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Revealing the complex signal-processing mechanisms and interconnection patterns of the nervous system has long been an intriguing puzzle. As a contribution to its understanding the optimization of the impedance behavior of implantable electrode arrays with via holes is discussed here. Peripheral axons will regenerate through these holes allowing for(More)
The network analysis method was applied to AT cut quartz blanks (f(0) = 10 MHz), which were loaded with liquids of low and medium viscosity (water, methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, 1-butanol, glycerol solutions). The shift of the resonance frequency Δf could be separated into a term due to rigidly coupled mass Δf(rig) and a term due to viscous damping Δf -(More)
Various samples of nanocrystalline copper have been investigated as electrodes in acid CuSO4 solutions, with the objective of examining growth and relaxation processes by studying the time dependence of the potential E. During the dissolution of CuO the disproportionation of Cu÷ ions and the formation of nanocrystalline copper was detected in the E(t)(More)
On the basis of the v a n der Waals concept of Ascarelli and Paskin the hard sphere theory of self diffusion is extended to binary l iquid alloys. Using only the melt ing temperature of the pure metals and the densities, component self-diffusion coefficients and, w i t h the help of Darken's equation, mutua l diffusion coefficients were calculated.(More)
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