G. Schneider

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In this article we describe new methods for the automatic recognition of the bibliographical data of cited articles in retrodigitized mathematical journal articles and their use for the automatic production of links to their respective reviews in MathSciNet an Zentralblatt MATH. Thus whenever one of these two review journals has a permanent link from the(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, the discussion about medical errors and patient safety has gained scientific as well as public attention. Errors in medicine have been proven to be frequent and to carry enormous financial costs and moral consequences. We aimed to review the research on medical errors in palliative care and to screen relevant literature to appreciate(More)
BACKGROUND Medical errors have recently been recognized as a relevant concern in public health, and increasing research efforts have been made to find ways of improving patient safety. In palliative care, however, studies on errors are scant. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to gather pilot data concerning experiences and attitudes of palliative care professionals(More)
Computational astrophysics seeks to develop numerical models which help elucidate the nature of astronomical systems. Such models must not only adequately describe the underlying physics which give rise to phenomena that have been observed, but must also be predictive in asserting what future observations might unfold. Any model which is in conflict with(More)
BACKGROUND Turbulence intensity, or hydromechanical stress, is a parameter that influences a broad range of processes in the fields of chemical engineering and biotechnology. Fermentation processes are often characterized by high agitation and aeration intensity resulting in high gas void fractions of up to 20% in large scale reactors. Very little(More)
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