G Schmaltz

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The retention of a weak conditioned saccharin aversion was tested using independent groups over a 14-day period. The delay between CS (saccharin 0.1 %) and US (LiCl 0.15 M) was 6 hours. Significant variations in the retention function were observed, in particular an improvement of memory - i.e. an incubation effect - over the 14-day period. This result(More)
Rats were first trained to press a bar for water reinforcement. The day after reaching criterion, the animals received a subcutaneous injection of cycloheximide (CXM-2.5 mg/kg) or saline, 15 minutes before a single punishment (P) session where bar pressing was followed by a strong inescapable footshock (CXM-P and saline-P groups). No punishment was given to(More)
Rats were put in a Y maze and then pretreated with 0, 1, 3, or 10 noncontingent electric shocks. One day later, they were given an avoidance conditioning in the same apparatus. The 1-preshock group performed as well as the o-preshock group (control group). As compared to the control group, we found a facilitation of the avoidance response in the 3-preshock(More)
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