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Due to increasing oil prices and climate change concerns, biofuels have become more important as potential alternative energy sources. It is an open question which kind of biofuels with which yield potentials, characteristic properties and environmental consequences should give the largest contributions. Microalgae offer novel aquatic biomass systems with(More)
There is a novel approach for realising distributed manufacturing systems based on an object-oriented database which entirely runs in the random access memories (RAM) of the involved distributed computers. This is a very advantageous way to reduce costs for the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of a Supply Chain Management system. The(More)
Microalgae can be used to produce versatile high-value fuels, such as methane, biodiesel, ethanol, or hydrogen gas. One of the most important factors that influence the economics of microalgae cultivation is the primary production of biomass per unit area. This is determined by productivity rates during cultivation, which are influenced by the local climate(More)
When using catalytic flue gas cleaning, several flue gas compounds may influence oxidation reactions of hazardous volatile organic compounds, possibly leading to lower reaction rates and, thus, to an incomplete destruction. Experimental investigations were performed with regard to the influence of selected flue gas compounds, like hydrogen chloride, sulfur(More)
This paper shows the challenges encountered by small and medium companies using e-business as well as e-manufacturing in order to remain flexible, fast and competitive. The combination of a standard ERP and a customised manufacturing execution system based on a novel object-oriented real-time database is the ultimate solution for many applications. It(More)
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