G. Schönhense

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Ferromagnetic thin films of Heusler compounds are highly relevant for spintronic applications owing to their predicted half-metallicity, that is, 100% spin polarization at the Fermi energy. However, experimental evidence for this property is scarce. Here we investigate epitaxial thin films of the compound Co2MnSi in situ by ultraviolet-photoemission(More)
The quantitative theory of image contrast in an electron microscope in the mirror operation mode is given in this paper. This theory permits us to calculate the potential distribution on the object surface from the current density distribution on the microscope screen. The potential distribution results in image formation on the screen. Local electric(More)
We find in the case of W(110) previously overlooked anomalous surface states having their spin locked at right angle to their momentum using spin-resolved momentum microscopy. In addition to the well known Dirac-like surface state with Rashba spin texture near the -point, we observe a tilted Dirac cone with circularly shaped cross section and a Dirac(More)
The exchange coupling of a single spin localized at the central ion of Cu-tetraazaporphyrin on a magnetite(100) surface has been studied using x-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD). Sum rule analysis of the XMCD spectra results in Cu spin and orbital magnetic moments as a function of the applied external field at low temperatures (20 K). The exchange(More)
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