G. Saravanan

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Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANET) are offset of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) made by vehicles communicating with each other. The special characteristic of VANET is high speed of nodes, so the time period of network is very small. Performing routing operation in such high dynamic network environment is difficult process. This work proposes cluster based(More)
A copper(II)-oxide-based exhaust catalyst exhibits better activity than Pt- and Rh-nanoparticle catalysts in NO remediation at 175 °C. Following theoretical design, the CuO catalyst is rationally prepared; CuO nanoplates bearing a maximized amount of the active {001} facet are arranged in interleaved layers. A field test using a commercial gasoline engine(More)
Many industrial areas in the world, show increases in generating of wastewater nowadays. Industrialization is considered as the key factor for the development of countries in economic terms. The recognition that environmental pollution is a worldwide threat to public health has given rise to new initiatives for environmental restoration for both economic(More)
Perovskites are mixed-metal oxides that are attracting much scientific and application interest owing to their low price, adaptability, and thermal stability, which often depend on bulk and surface characteristics. These materials have been extensively explored for their catalytic, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties. They are promising candidates(More)
In mobile grids, the existing job scheduling scheme causes increased energy consumption. Also there is reduced network performance and efficiency. Hence in this paper, we propose a mobility aware energy efficient job scheduling using genetic algorithm in mobile grids. Initially the jobs are grouped according to the resource availability. The grouped jobs(More)
One of the Principal determinants of business success is technological innovation. New product development forms an important components of product policy and product management. A progressive firm has to consider new product development as a cardinal element of its product policy. New Product Development is the process adopted by organizations worldwide to(More)
Efficient key distribution is an important problem for secure group communications. The communication and storage complexity of multicast key distribution problem has been studied extensively. In this paper, we propose a new multicast key distribution scheme whose computation complexity is significantly reduced. Instead of using conventional encryption(More)
It is proposed that a new image enhancement scheme using wavelet transform, smooth and sharp approximation of a piecewise non linear filter technique after converting the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) values of each pixel of the original image to HSV (Hue, Saturation, and Value). Wavelet transform is then applied to the luminance value of V component, it(More)