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INTRODUCTION According to the Spanish Stroke Health Care Plan and the Spanish Health National Service Stroke Strategy, thrombolysis should only be performed in hospitals with Stroke Units. However, the Andalusian Stroke Health Care Plan includes, within the list of services of the Stroke Team, the need to have a neurologist present for the performing of(More)
INTRODUCTION Room tilt illusion is a distorted perception of the spatial distribution of objects due to complex rotations in different planes. This distortion usually occurs in the vertical plane and is usually associated to vertebrobasilar ischemia. The etiology of the phenomenon varies greatly and only rarely corresponds to migraine aura. CASE REPORT(More)
INTRODUCTION Movement disorders, when caused by ischemic stroke, may appear as initial manifestation or after a variable interval of time. Among postictal movement disorders tremor is an uncommon manifestation. Holmes' tremor, which is a mixed tremor, is the most frequent type of tremor after stroke. It is associated to infarcts of various localizations(More)
INTRODUCTION The stroke mortality rate in Andalusia is twice that of other autonomous communities. This could be associated with the absence of neurologists in most local hospitals in this community, unlike in the rest of Spain. The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of incorporating a neurologist to evaluate and monitor stroke patients in a(More)
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