G. Santhosh Kumar

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This paper underlines a methodology for translating text from English into the Dravidian language, Malayalam using statistical models. By using a monolingual Malayalam corpus and a bilingual English/Malayalam corpus in the training phase, the machine automatically generates Malayalam translations of English sentences. This paper also discusses a technique(More)
—Privacy of the outsourced data is one of the major challenge.Insecurity of the network environment and untrust-worthiness of the service providers are obstacles of making the database as a service.Collection and storage of personally identifiable information is a major privacy concern.On-line public databases and resources pose a significant risk to user(More)
E-voting systems (EVS)are having potential advantages over many existing voting schemes. Security, transparency, accuracy and reliability are the major concern in these systems. EVS continues to grow as the technology advances. It is inexpensive and efficient as the resources become reusable. Fast and accurate computation of results with voter privacy is(More)
This paper investigates certain methods of training adopted in the Statistical Machine Translator (SMT) from English to Malayalam. In English Malayalam SMT, the word to word translation is determined by training the parallel corpus. Our primary goal is to improve the alignment model by reducing the number of possible alignments of all sentence pairs present(More)
Cheque Truncation System(CTS) is an automatic cheque clearance system implemented by RBI.CTS uses cheque image, instead of the physical cheque itself, for cheque clearance thus reducing the turn around time drastically. This approach holds back the physical movement of cheque from presenting bank to the drawee bank. In CTS, digital image of the cheque is(More)
Big data is a celebrated topic in Business as well as research community for several years. With the revolution of Big Data, it is becoming easy and less expensive to store tremendous amount of data for future analysis. Weather data gets accumulated very fast and on a large scale. Thorough analysis and research is required on handling this big data and(More)
Coded OFDM is a transmission technique that is used in many practical communication systems. In a coded OFDM system, source data are coded, interleaved and multiplexed for transmission over many frequency sub-channels. In a conventional coded OFDM system, the transmission power of each subcarrier is the same regardless of the channel condition. However,(More)
— Various fault modeling methods have been proposed for tackling the problem of increasing test-data volume of contemporary. The test pattern generation by random fault injection does not produce efficient results. So, the proper fault modeling becomes important since the deep sub micrometer devices are expected to be increasingly sensitive to physical(More)