G. Santhosh Kumar

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Cluster based protocols like LEACH were found best suited for routing in wireless sensor networks. In mobility centric environments some improvements were suggested in the basic scheme. LEACH-Mobile is one such protocol. The basic LEACH protocol is improved in the mobile scenario by ensuring whether a sensor node is able to communicate with its cluster(More)
DNA sequence representation methods are used to denote a gene structure effectively and help in similarities/dissimilarities analysis of coding sequences. Many different kinds of representations have been proposed in the literature. They can be broadly classified into Numerical, Graphical, Geometrical and Hybrid representation methods. DNA structure and(More)
Today, satellite data provide humans with immense information. This information, if used appropriately with technology will definitely yield us knowledge, which can be used for the betterment of mankind. This paper attempts to contribute in two ways a) classification of remotely sensed images to different classes and b) time sequence analysis of satellite(More)
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