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An approach bringing together space-variant vision through a simple color segmentation technique and learning is presented. The proposed approach is employed to control the movement of a 5 degree of freedom (d.o.f.) robotic head. Color information is used to determine the position of the object of interest in the image plane and, consequently, to track it(More)
Future space programs will take advantage of advanced robotics; visual capabilities, in particular, could play a very important role, either to provide robots with independent behaviors and to improve human remote control. The paper describes a prototype of a binocular vision system based on space variant sensing technologies. The system is aimed to operate(More)
Vision is a very important issue developing artiicial anthropomorphic systems. Starting from traditional knowledge about ocular movements, mainly due to physiological observations , the paper revisits primary ocular processes and proposes some new ideas for oculomo-tor control. It is shown that using space-variant sampling, pursuit, vergence and saccadic(More)
Designing robotic systems aimed to act in unstructured and generally dynamic environments , sensory capabilities become a key for intelligent behaviors. This paper describes a calibration-free approach to the problem of reaching an object in space under visual guidance. Servoing is based on binocular vision: a continuous measure of the end-eeector motion(More)
Within a stones throw of the celebrated Rialto Bridge, students and faculty gathered together at the height of summer over six long days to focus their minds on a new emerging discipline—neuroengineering. The searing temperatures of Venice and lack of air conditioning required stamina and strong motivation towards the subject. So what is neuroengineering,(More)
Visual processing is very important for robot navigation. It has been demonstrated that many complex operations, which deserve an intelligent behaviour, can be performed relying only on reeexes to visual stimuli. In this framework the detection of corridors of free space along the robot trajectory is certainly a very important capability to safely navigate.(More)
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