G. Saha

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Gram-negative bacteria are inherently impermeable to hydrophobic compounds, due to the synergistic activity of the permeability barrier imposed by the outer membrane and energy dependent efflux systems. The gram-negative, enteric pathogen Vibrio cholerae appears to be deficient in both these activities; the outer membrane is not an effective barrier to(More)
The problem of modeling complex processes with a large number of inputs is addressed. A new method is proposed for the optimization of the models in minimum C(p) statistic sense using QR with a modified scheme of column pivoting (m-QRcp) factorization. Two different classes of multilayer nonlinear modeling problems are explored: 1) in the first class of(More)
Zebrafish is an attractive model organism for studying apoptosis development because of its genetic accessibility. Here we describe the induction of clonally derived apoptosis in transgenic zebrafish expressing mouse caspase-3 (CASP3) under control of the zebrafish beta-actin promoter (betap). Visualization of apoptotic cells, expressing a chimeric(More)
The paper proposes a simple method for constructing gene regulatory network from the microarray gene expression time series data set of `Burkholderia Pseudomalli' at various phases of growth in vitro. This has been collected from GEO data base of NCBI web-site (a genetic time series data consists of 5289 genes & 48 samples). These microarray data set(More)
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