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The development of functional layers in the brain involves spatially and temporally regulated gene expression. Through cDNA library screening, we have identified genes that are expressed in a neural-specific manner during brain development. Sequencing and expression data indicate that one of the clones, 18C15, is the chick homologue of doublecortin, a human(More)
A novel, brain-specific cDNA, denoted CROC-4, was cloned from human brain by a contingent replication of cDNA procedure capable of detecting transcriptional activators of the human c-fos proto-oncogene promoter. CROC-4 encoded an 18-kDa serine/threonine-rich polypeptide containing a P-loop motif and an SH3-binding region with phosphorylation sites for a(More)
We have previously reported the isolation of two distinct populations of detergent resistant membrane complexes (DRMC's) from day-old chick brain (Henke et al.: J Neurosci Res 45:617-630, 1996). We now show that the glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins Thy-1 and AvGp50 are associated in a signalling complex with c-Fyn, the heterotrimeric G alpha i(More)
Carbohydrate uptake and catabolism by the gut microbiota of two species of temperate marine herbivorous fish were investigated using enzyme extracts prepared from microbial pellets. The fish studied were the herring cale Odax cyanomelas (Family Odacidae), which feeds on Ecklonia radiata, and the sea carp Crinodus lophodon (Family Aplodactylidae), which(More)
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