G. S. Rautian

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The origin of genes in Talysh population (South Azerbaijan Republic) is considered. During 11 generations of population history more than 100 unrelated persons supplied the genes to the population. At present, the population is highly isolated: the endogamy index is 0.878, gametic index being 0.935. Inbreeding is estimated both ty means of genealogy and(More)
Early in the 20th century, the European bison was completely exterminated in nature, and only a small group was preserved in some European zoos. Subsequently, the European bisons were maintained in breeding centers and a number of free-ranging populations were formed for return to the wild. To date, only the Lowland subspecies ( Bison bonasus bonasus L.)(More)
High frequencies of HLA-A2, -A3, -A9, -B7, -B13, -Bw35, and -Dw3 antigens were found in Sysolian and Udorian Komi (from Vizinga and Koslan, respectively), as well as in Zyuzdian Komi-Permyaks. In some populations, high frequencies of HLA-A10, -A28, -B21, -B27, and -B40 antigens were also found. Similarity in both gene frequency patterns and heterozygosity(More)
The data on 16 polymorphic systems (22 loci) of blood biochemical markers were studied in different breeding lines of European bison: Lowland, Lowland-Caucasian, and Mountain lines. Polymorphism was revealed in three loci: Pgm, Idh, and Tf. The average heterozygosity was 3.95%. Statistically significant deviation from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium towards(More)
Polymorphism of nine blood group systems was studied in three reproductive lines of auroch (European bison Bison bonasus), Belovezhskaya, Caucasian-Belovezhskaya, and Gornaya. All blood group systems analyzed were polymorphic; 50 out of the 57 antigens tested were detected. The number of detected blood group antigens in aurochs is comparable to that in(More)
Investigation was carried out in Talysh population in mountain region of South Azerbaijan. There is extended reproduction in the population. From XVIII till the beginning of XX century there were 3-3.6 offsprings in a family. In the last generation with completed reproduction, the family size raised to 7.13. Modern factors of population size dynamics are(More)
A variant of the vertical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis method, hitherto not applied in determination of C'3, is used. The method allows simultaneous determination of the C'3 phenotypes and other serum proteins in human blood. In this paper, the influence of aging of the serum samples and of the Tf polymorphism on the C'3 electrophoregram is discussed.(More)
Distribution of haptoglobin genotypes in a number of population specimens of the main World regions is studied. New statistics permitting to reveal deviation from the Hardy - Weinberg equilibrium and its direction (towards either deficiency or excess of heterozygotes) are proposed. S-statistics, based on the model of selection against homozygotes, can be(More)
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