G. S. R. Murthy

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With increasing use of computers in our daily lives, lately there has been a rapid increase in the efforts to develop a better human computer interaction interface. The need of easy to use and advance types of human-computer interaction with natural interfaces is more than ever. In the present framework, the UI (User Interface) of a computer allows user to(More)
Unprecedented growth in mobile phone access in emerging economies is the success story of this decade-­‐-­‐ but what about disadvantaged citizens in these countries who continue to confront a digital divide? In many cases, they also represent the largest potential market for mobile operators. Gayatri Murthy digs into the data so that development(More)
The linear complementarity problem (q, A) with data A ∈ R n×n and q ∈ R n involves finding a nonnegative z ∈ R n such that Az + q ≥ 0 and z t (Az + q) = 0. Cottle and Stone introduced the class of P 1-matrices and showed that if A is in P 1 \Q, then K(A) (the set of all q for which (q, A) has a solution) is a half-space and (q, A) has a unique solution for(More)