G S McGillem

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The superfused retinal slice preparation was used to examine the morphology and glutamate-activated whole-cell currents of rabbit bipolar cells. There were six morphologically distinct types of cone bipolar cells and a rod bipolar cell that had axon terminals stratifying in stratum 3 to 5 of sublamina-b. All of these bipolar cell types exhibited an outward(More)
GABAergic responses of rabbit rod bipolar cells were reexamined by using whole-cell recordings in the superfused slice preparation to determine if there is GABA(C) receptor input to their axon terminal and to characterize the contribution that GABA(A) and GABA(C) receptors make to the total GABA current on the axon terminals of these cells. Pharmacological(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether dissociated and cultured Müller cells from the avascular rabbit retina undergo the same phenotypic changes as Müller cells that are dissociated and cultured from a vascular retina. METHODS Müller cells were dissociated from adult rabbit retinas by using an enzymatic digestion-mechanical trituration technique and a cell(More)
Experimental proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) was induced in the rabbit eye by injecting mitotically active Müller cells into the vitreal chamber. Two weeks after the initiation of PVR, the retina and the epiretinal membrane that formed were examined to ascertain the antigenic expression of Müller cells in the retina and in the epiretinal membrane.(More)
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