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In this paper we review a dynamic device model for filamentary RRAM in HfO-based dielectrics. We summarize its transient modeling features and its statistical properties. The model explains with satisfactory quantitative resolution all main features of the RRAM switching, not just the voltage, time and temperature dependence, but also statistical(More)
We review our recent work on modeling of low current filamentary switching in amorphous HfO<sub>2</sub> RRAM. The conduction is controlled by the width of the constriction, determining the electron transmission. The set and reset processes are modeled as a dynamic flow between two oxygen vacancy reservoirs connected by a narrow constriction. Reset is(More)
We report on recent advances in the understanding of surface processes occurring during growth and post-growth annealing of strained islands which may find application as self-assembled quantum dots. We investigate the model system SiGe/Si(0 0 1) by a new approach based on ''reading the footprints'' which islands leave on the substrate during their growth(More)
Microdosing, the point-source application of a reduced fertilizer rate within 10 days of sowing, has increased short-term crop yields across the Sahel and is being actively scaled up as an agronomic practice. However, there is no information on the long-term effects of the technique upon soil fertility. To rectify this, this study used soil samples from the(More)
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