G. S. Hwang

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Scattering of energetic F atoms on a fluorinated Si surface is studied by molecular beam methods. The energy transfer closely follows hard-sphere collision kinematics. Energy and angular distributions of unreacted F atoms suggest significant multiple-bounce scattering in addition to single-bounce scattering and trapping desorption. An empirical model of the(More)
The effect of adsorption on momentum au and thermal aT accommodation coefficients and effective thermal conductivity kf of Ar vapor-filled Pt nanogap and nanocavity is examined using nonequilibrium molecular dynamics MD simulations. For the accommodation coefficients, the increase in solid-fluid or fluid-fluid interatomic interactions within adsorbed layer(More)
Perovskite oxides ABO3 are important materials used as components in electronic devices. The highly compact crystal structure consists of a framework of corner-shared BO6 octahedra enclosing the A-site cations. Because of these structural features, forming a strong bond between A and B cations is highly unlikely and has not been reported in the literature.(More)
The perovskite PbCrO3 is an antiferromagnetic insulator. However, the fundamental interactions leading to the insulating state in this single-valent perovskite are unclear. Moreover, the origin of the unprecedented volume drop observed at a modest pressure of P = 1.6 GPa remains an outstanding problem. We report a variety of in situ pressure measurements(More)
We present analytical and computational models used to investigate the dependence of etch resolution on pulse duration, tool radius, and etched feature aspect ratio in electrochemical machining with ultrashort voltage pulses. Our results predict that, for the high aspect ratio system in which the effect of trench top and bottom edges can be ignored, the(More)
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