G. S. Herman-Giddens

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The origin of body surface P waves was evaluated in the intact dog by recording body surface isopotential maps and atrial epicardial potential maps. P waves were recorded from 150 points on the body surface, and 80 atrial unipolar electrograms were recorded by means of permanently implanted atrial electrodes during normal sinus rhythm and during atrial(More)
We have approached the study of the electrical activity of the heart by separating the work into two distinct phases - data acquisition and data analysis. The data acquisition program monitors the activity of the heart, samples as many as 24 electrodes simultaneously, and displays them to the investigator. It concurrently executes as many as eleven tasks,(More)
A simple, low-cost mechanical switch is used in transfering text files between computers of widely varying size, architecture, manufacturer, and geographic location utilizing standard serial interfaces, typically at 300-1200 baud. No special software is required since the standard utility programs of each computer are used to transmit and receive the text.(More)
A high speed data acquisition system for experiments investigating the electrical activity of the heart is discussed with emphasis on the method of specifying and controllinq the experiment in progress. Provision is made for control by the investigator during the experiment of such things as sampling rate, initiation and duration of sampling, control of(More)
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