G S Gudmundsson

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In Sweden in 1976, nine orthopedic departments organized a prospective, randomized, and controlled study in which the prophylactic effect of systemic antibiotics (SA) was compared to gentamicin bone cement (GBC) in 1688 consecutive total hip arthroplasties (THAs). After a follow-up period of one to two years, there was a statistically significant difference(More)
An evaluation of the results of removal of a septic total hip prosthesis in 27 patients was made at least 1 year after the operation. The function of many of the patients improved throughout the first year after removal. It is concluded that the Girdlestone hip in many cases offers a satisfactory solution for the patient.
Six orthopaedic clinics in Sweden made a comparison of the effects and side effects of Piroxicam (20mg) and Indometacin (100mg) suppositories in 261 patients with painful coxarthrosis on the waiting list for total hip replacement (THR). The study was designed as a single blind study over 4 weeks. Amount of pain and range of motion was registered before the(More)
Iceland offers a favourable opportunity to examine the suggested relationship between canine distemper and multiple sclerosis. Distemper is not enzootic in Iceland and distemper immunisation is not practised. However, importations result in occasional epizootics, three of which have occurred since 1909. Careful enumeration of multiple sclerosis indicates(More)
Middle lobe syndrome is defined as recurrent or chronic collapse of the middle lobe of the right lung. It occurs in all age groups and is divided into an obstructive type, with a demonstrable airway occlusion, and a nonobstructive type, with a patent right middle lobe bronchus apparent on bronchoscopy. Middle lobe collapse has specific radiographic(More)
The purpose of this study was to review and analyze the records of herpes simplex infections front a specialist Oral Medicine clinic in Iceland, to investigate the clinical impression that the age of patients experiencing initial infection with this virus was higher than expected and that the character of the clinical picture of the disease had changed.(More)
Thirty-one patients (34 joints) with pain due to carpometacarpal joint derangement were reviewed 1/2 to 12 years after a trapezium replacement arthroplasty using a Swanson silicone prosthesis. At review, 25 hands were free from pain, and nine had some pain on exertion. Mobility and strength were generally well restored. The radiographic examination revealed(More)
Twenty-nine patients were operated on for painful conditions of the first metatarso-phalangeal joint using Swanson's implant arthroplasty. In three cases the implant had to be removed. An analysis was made of the remaining 26 cases 4 to 6 years postoperatively based on a clinical and radiographic review. The results were deemed favourable and comparable to(More)
The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) protein patterns, in ischemic cerebrovascular disease (ICD), of varying extension were studied by isoelectric focusing (IEF) in 100 patients at different intervals after the onset of symptoms. The diagnoses were based on conventional clinical examinations and CSF spectrophotometry in all cases. Computed tomography was performed(More)