G. S. G. N. Anjaneyulu

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Directed digital signatures are probably the most important and widely used cryptographic primitive enabled by public key technology, and they are building blocks of many modern distributed computer applications. But many existing signatures schemes lie in the intractability of problems closely related to the number theory than group theory. In this paper,(More)
In this paper, we propose a new signature scheme connecting two private keys and two public keys based on general non-commutative division semiring. The key idea of our technique engrosses three core steps. In the first step, we assemble polynomials on additive structure of non-commutative division semiring and take them as underlying work infrastructure.(More)
In this article, we design a secured digital signature based on properties of non-commutative group. The security of digital signature is based on the hardness of the Factor problem over non-commutative groups. We believe that the Factor problem over non-commutative groups is NP hard. To promote this towards implementation strongly, we will demonstrate the(More)
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