G S Bierbrier

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Insulin resistance is associated with hypertension although it is not known if this relationship is casual. Studies have shown that insulin increases skeletal-muscle blood flow despite also increasing sympathetic activity. To determine whether insulin may act as a direct vasodilator and whether insulin-mediated vascular effects are altered in hypertension,(More)
An unusual case of Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis confined to the mural left atrium is presented. Echocardiographic studies revealed a 1.5 x 2.0-cm vegetation mimicking a myxoma situated in the path of a mitral regurgitant jet on a color Doppler test. Emboli to upper and lower extremities and brain complicated the patient's preoperative course. Surgical(More)
Cirrhosis of the liver is associated with altered cardiovascular regulation. Patients with cirrhosis often have decreased total peripheral vascular resistance despite increased sympathetic activity. To determine whether this reduction in effective sympathetic activity may be caused by an alteration in vascular adrenergic responsiveness, we studied nine(More)
beta-Adrenergic receptor responsiveness is impaired in hypertension. A low-sodium diet both corrects this defect and lowers blood pressure. To determine whether upregulation of beta-adrenergic receptor function in hypertension might be related nonspecifically to lowering of blood pressure, vascular beta-adrenergic response was assessed after pharmacologic(More)
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