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It has long been questioned whether antibiotics, used as a supplement to traditional therapy, provide any lasting benefit in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. This study was designed to evaluate Spiramycin as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of advanced chronic periodontitis. In total, 193 patients with advanced periodontitis(More)
In a double-blind study the plaque- and gingivitis-inhibiting capacities of three aqueous mouthrinse solutions of benzethonium chloride, zinc chloride, and benzethonium chloride combined with zinc chloride were compared to those of a placebo mouthrinse. Forth-three adults with clean teeth and healthy gingiva were randomly assigned to the treatment and(More)
Plaque ananand pocket depths were recorded in milimetres from the tissue margin, coronally or apically, respectively. Plaque and pocket depths were recorded by examining only a segment of the dentition using eight different combination of teeth. These results d the results obtained from full-mouth examinations in the same individuals were compared. All(More)