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An automatic method of determining the molecular weight parameters (Mw, Mn) of microbial polysaccharides such as dextran, pullulan was developed based on the use of high performance size-exclusion chromatography on the two types of columns: Zorbax PSM 60 + 300 + 1000 and SynChropack GPC 100 + 500 + 1000. The Mw and Mn values were determined for a number of(More)
Comparative efficacy of surgical and therapeutic methods of repeated ischemic stroke prophylaxis at the patients with clinical symptoms of acute brain ischemia and carotid stenosis less 70% was analyzed. Three-year period of follow-up demonstrated that at the patients who have undergone carotid endarterectomy the repeated ischemic events were seen only at 4(More)
Social play fulfills an important function in creating and maintaining relations between siblings. However, its relationship with the intralitter social processes is poorly understood. It was noticed that, in Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) litters, sex differences in social play are absent in the first 2–3 months of life. It was found that the most intense(More)
The material currently used as an oncotic agent in emulsions of perfluoro-compounds (PFC) is frequently a hydroxyethylated starch (HES) [3-5], which has a volemitic effect, and is as effective as the usual materials based on dextran and blood albumin. The oncotic agents used in PFC emulsions intended for the perfusion of organs must satisfy certain(More)
Samples of hydroxyethylstarch of M 100-160 kDa, Mn 50-60 kDa and substitution degree 0.6-0.7 were prepared and characterized. Hydroxyethylstarch was shown to be susceptible to cleavage by amylolytic enzymes. All samples of hydroxyethylstarch at 2-4% concentration were compatible with perfluorohydrocarbon emulsion "Perftoran" and exhibited high haemodynamic(More)
A comparative analysis of the efficacy of surgical and conservative methods in secondary prevention of carotid ischemic stroke has been conducted in patients with clinical symptoms of acute ischemic brain lesions (carotid artery stenosis less than 70%). The results of the 3-year follow-up study revealed that carotid endarterectomua is a method of choice.(More)
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