G . S . Adams

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Measurements of the differential cross sections for the He(y, n) He and He(y, p)3H reactions have been performed for photon energies in the 100—360 MeU region. Results were obtained for nucleon center-of-mass angles close to 60', 90', and 120' by detecting the recoiling nuclei with a magnetic spectrometer. Both (y,p) and (y,n) cross sections are forward(More)
The locked rotor torque and instantaneous current and torque waveforms for a switched-reluctance motor (SRM) have been calculated using a two-dimensional finite-element method. The effects of switching the stator winding excitation on and off at different positions of the rotor are included. Experimental results for a 10-hp Oulton switched-reluctance motor(More)
Measurements of photoproton cross sections at intermediate energies are expected to yield information both on nuclear structure and on photonuclear reaction mechanisms. At energies above that of the giant dipole resonance, the photon is presumed to interact predominantly with single nucleons or with few-nucleon systems in the nucleus. The large mismatch(More)
The authors present a comparison of the computed and measured performances of a 10 hp Oulton switched reluctance motor (SRM). The derivatives of the flux linkages with respect to rotor position angle and with respect to current excitation as a function of time are calculated. Using these results, calculated current waveforms of the SRM for different loads(More)
The photoproton knockout reaction on ' 0 leaving "N in low-lying bound states has been observed over the photon energy range from 196 to 361 MeV. The angular distribution for the reaction populating the ground state of "N develops sharp structure as the photon energy is increased but that for population of the excited states is smooth. The results are not(More)
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