G. Rustichelli

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Fine grain mesh-connected arrays of processors with a S/MD architecture are considered an attractive solution for many important and emerging real-time data handling applications that require high speed processing of dynamic data sampled over a bidimensional region. Nevertheless, even if the interconnections between the arrays’ adjacent nodes are well(More)
Malignant tumours of the small bowel are rare but not exceptional. Unfortunately, they are often recognised only at the operating either as chance findings or as the cause of an acute abdominal syndrome, usually of occlusive type. Surgery is the treatment of choice but this will be curative only when diagnosis has been timely. The description of the present(More)
A rare case of total volvulus of the gallbladder observed intraoperatively and treated by cleansing and cholecystectomy in a 96-year-old woman undergoing surgery for acute lithiasic cholecystitis is described. More than the clinical and laboratory data (insignificant considering the patient's anergic and debilitated condition) it was the results of(More)
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