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The nitrogen (N) from fertilizers has different fate, some of which affect the environment or the human health, e.g. nitrates in groundwater. We determined the fate (plant organs, soil organic matter, remaining nitrates and volatilization) of the N applied to field-grown direct drilling maize. An experiment was carried out in a Typic Argiudoll at Chivilcoy,(More)
Nitrogen (N) fertilizers are one of the most expensive inputs in agricultural settings. Additionally, the loss of N increases costs, contributes to soil acidification, and causes off-site pollution of the air, groundwater and waterways. This study reviews current knowledge about technologies for N fertilization with potential to increase N use efficiency(More)
Nothofagus antarctica forests in south Patagonia are usually used as silvopastoral systems but how grasses and trees compete for specific resources, such as nitrogen in these systems is unknown. To understand interactions between grasses and N. antarctica trees for N, an experiment with 15N labeled fertilizer was carried out comparing N absorption by(More)
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