G. Rubin

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This paper investigates a queueing system, which consists of Poisson input of customers, some of whom are lost to balking, and a single server working a shift of length L and providing a service whose duration can vary from customer to customer. If a service is in progress at the end of a shift, the server works overtime to complete the service. This(More)
Neurosurgery is characterized by a prolonged risk period for surgical site infection (SSI), mainly related to the presence of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drains. We aimed to examine factors associated with post-neurosurgical SSIs, focusing on post-operative factors. A prospective cohort study was conducted in a single center over a period of 18 months in(More)
OBJECTIVES Injectable Bromelain Solution (IBS) is a modified investigational derivate of the medical grade bromelain-debriding pharmaceutical agent (NexoBrid) studied and approved for a rapid (four-hour single application), eschar-specific, deep burn debridement. We conducted an ex vivo study to determine the ability of IBS to dissolve-disrupt (enzymatic(More)
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