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With the association of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and alpha-interferon (IFN), objective responses as high as 26 63% have been reported in untreated patients with advanced colorectal cancer. However, grade 3-4 toxicity has also been reported. We have conducted a prospective phase II randomised study comparing 5-FU to 5-FU + IFN, to investigate whether the(More)
Priming applied to commercial seed lots is widely used by seed technologists to enhance seed vigour in terms of germination potential and increased stress tolerance. Priming can be also valuable to seed bank operators who need improved protocols of ex situ conservation of germplasm collections (crop and native species). Depending on plant species, seed(More)
Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) and type 2 (DM2) are multisystemic disorders linked to two different genetic loci and characterized by several features including myotonia, muscle weakness and atrophy, cardiac dysfunctions, cataracts and insulin-resistance. In both forms, expanded nucleotide sequences cause the accumulation of mutant transcripts in the(More)
  • M. Pedroni, B. Roncari, S. Maffei, L. Losi, A. Scarselli, C. Di Gregorio +9 others
  • 2007
Hereditary NonPolyposis Colorectal Cancer (Lynch syndrome) is an autosomal dominant disease caused by germline mutations in a class of genes deputed to maintain genomic integrity during cell replication, mutations result in a generalized genomic instability, particularly evident at microsatellite loci (Microsatellite Instability, MSI). MSI is present in(More)
In this paper we present a Java library---called JSetL---that offers a number of facilities to support declarative programming like those usually found in logic or functional declarative languages: logical variables, list and set data structures (possibly partially specified), unification and constraint solving over sets, nondeterminism. The paper describes(More)
This Article contains errors in the numbering of the references in the text. The third sentence of the second paragraph should only refer to reference 2, not references 2 and 3. The correct sentence is: 'It exhibits an extremely large uniaxial positive magnetoresistance with no saturation up to a magnetic field as high as 60 T (ref. 2), which has been(More)
The behaviour of electrons and holes in a crystal lattice is a fundamental quantum phenomenon, accounting for a rich variety of material properties. Boosted by the remarkable electronic and physical properties of two-dimensional materials such as graphene and topological insulators, transition metal dichalcogenides have recently received renewed attention.(More)
The conservation of landraces in Europe is challenging because very often they have already disappeared or cannot be properly identified, which in turn prevents any possibility for their utilization. This work deals with the collection of molecular and historical data to identify and study the original landraces of common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum(More)