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As an emerging technique, underwater sensor network (UWSN) will enable a wide range of aquatic applications. However, due to the adverse underwater environmental conditions as well as some system constraints, an underwater sensor network is usually viewed as an intermittently connected network (ICN) (or delay/disruption tolerant network (DTN)), which(More)
This paper summarizes the lessons learned from the integration of two Java constraint solvers: a set solver (namely JSetL) and a finite domains solver (namely JFD). The most relevant outcome of this experience is the definition of a generic master-slave architecture that can be used to support the cooperation of different solvers. Each slave is responsible(More)
— The DInSAR technique enables to determine with precision the surface displacements, using a combination of multiple interferograms. The DInSAR processing steps generate different kinds of errors, which propagate in the entire chain. This work is focused on a particular type of error generated during the DInSAR processing: the unwrapping related errors.(More)
In this paper we present a Java library---called JSetL---that offers a number of facilities to support declarative programming like those usually found in logic or functional declarative languages: logical variables, list and set data structures (possibly partially specified), unification and constraint solving over sets, nondeterminism. The paper describes(More)
We present a method for the automatic analysis of whole slide his-tological images of equine tendinopathy. This computer-aided analysis is a pre-screening tool that helps veterinarians doctors to evaluate the efficacy of new treatments. A set of textural, arrangement, and alignment features are extracted to reproduce visual histological criteria, each of(More)
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