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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the in vitro activity of quinupristin/dalfopristin (Q/D), a streptogramin combination, in comparison with five antibiotics against worldwide clinical isolates of staphylococci. METHODS A multicenter in vitro study was performed using the E test during a period of 3 months (April to June) in 1997 on fresh, clinically significant, non(More)
General practitioners are placed in an ideal position to manage obesity. First, they have to consider the motivation of the obese patient to change his habits. When the patient is not motivated to loss weight, their role is to identify and treat co-morbidities, to evaluate the risk related to the obesity and to establish a therapeutic diagnosis to evaluate(More)
The authors report a case of severe hypertriglyceridemia (148.5 mmol/l) in a 27-year-old woman admitted for coma of unknown origin. Initial investigations revealed ketoacidosis, pancreatitis and noncardiogenic pulmonary edema. The diabetes was unknown. Ketoacidosis was rapidly controlled. The hypertriglyceridemia was corrected by one course of plasma(More)
Nicolas-Favre's disease, also called lymphogranuloma venereum, a venereally transmitted disease caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, is usually presenting as an inguinal lymphadenopathy or an anorectal syndrome. Cervical lymph node involvement is uncommon, and in a review of the literature the authors found about fifteen such cases. The mode of transmission(More)
A fuzzy control system has been developed to solve problems which are difficult or impossible to control with a proportional integral differential approach. According to system constraints, the fuzzy controller changes the importance of the rules and offers suitable variable values. The fuzzy controller testbed consists of simulator code to simulate the(More)
Occurrence of a renal failure in an infected patient may be referred to various causes: infection, renal toxicity of drugs (for instance aminoglycosides), shock . . . Determination of some urinary enzymatic activities might be helpful in unravelling the mechanism involved in such cases. Therefore a prospective study of the specificity of some urinary(More)
The relative bioavailability of cefixime was studied in 24 healthy male volunteers, with each subject receiving a single 400mg dose of cefixime administered as an aqueous solution, a 400mg tablet and two 200mg tablets, in a randomised crossover sequence. Serum and urine samples were analysed using high-performance liquid chromatography. Peak cefixime levels(More)
UNLABELLED This study was designed to compare the effects of ropivacaine and bupivacaine, each combined with lidocaine, during peribulbar anesthesia by single medial injection for cataract surgery. One hundred patients were included and randomly divided into two groups of 50, given a mixture of 50% bupivacaine (0.5%) and 50% lidocaine (2%) or 50%(More)
In connection with one case of thoracic localized osteolysis associated to bilateral seral effusion, serohemorrhagic on the right, chylous on the left, the authors recall 13 similar observations. In this localization a pleural effusion is very frequent and specific to it, putting at stake the vital prognosis of the patient. These observations can be(More)