G. Robert Redinbo

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Implementation of delay-insensitive (DI) or unordered codes is the subject of this report. We present two diierent architectures for decoding systematic DI codes: (a) enumeration-based decoder, and (b) comparison-based decoder. We argue that enumeration-based decoders are often impractical for many realistic codes. Comparison-based decoders that detect(More)
The JPEG 2000 image compression standard is designed for a broad range of data compression applications. The new standard is based on wavelet technology and layered coding in order to provide a rich feature compressed image stream. The implementations of the JPEG 2000 codec are susceptible to computer-induced soft errors. One situation requiring fault(More)
Wavelet transforms, central to multiresolution signal analysis and important in the JPEG2000 image compression standard, are quite susceptible to computer-induced errors because of their pipelined structure and multirate processing requirements. Such errors emanate from computer hardware, software bugs, or radiation effects from the surrounding environment.(More)