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AIMS To ascertain the frequency and identify predictors of self-reported hypoglycaemia in Type 1 and insulin-treated Type 2 diabetes. METHODS A random sample of 267 people with insulin-treated diabetes were recruited from a population-based diabetes register in Tayside, Scotland. Each subject prospectively recorded the number of mild and severe(More)
Post-structuralist theory questions the rational pursuit of an underlying 'truth' that often characterizes social scientific inquiry, proposing instead the simultaneous existence of multiple and often contradictory truths. The problem family can, from this perspective, only be known through the different discourses that produce it. This paper suggests some(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of a programme of continuing self-directed exercises for people discharged home after a stroke, supervised once a week by therapists. DESIGN A randomized controlled trial of 100 patients discharged from hospital after a stroke, requiring ongoing therapy. The control group received outpatient or day hospital therapy; the(More)
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