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BACKGROUND Postintubation tracheobronchial rupture is usually responsible for unstable intraoperative or postoperative conditions, and its management is discussed. We insist on conservative treatment as a viable alternative after late diagnosis of postintubation tracheobronchial rupture. METHODS We conducted a retrospective study including 14 consecutive(More)
Groin pain is a common condition in athletes and results from various causes. Osteitis pubis, adductor dysfunction, inguinal hernia, or a combination of all three entities, generally explains the onset of symptoms. Adductor longus tendinopathy is the main cause of adductor-related groin pain. It leads to a significant reduction of sports participation and(More)
The dynamics of free-living stages of sheep Nematodes was studied. The kinetics of infective larvae population was established during 16 months by sampling grass and faeces every 2 wk on an area frequently used by ewes on 3 out of 4 paddocks grazed by a flock. The periods at high risk for animal infection were autumn and spring, the moors being sterilized(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies described that MRI is a good examination to assess damage in chronic athletic pubalgia (AP). However, to our knowledge, no studies focus on systematic correlation of precise tendon or parietal lesion in MRI with surgery and histological assessment. Therefore, we performed a case-control study to determine if MRI can precisely(More)