G. Ravindra Kumar

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We demonstrate ultrashort (6 ps), multimegagauss (27 MG) magnetic pulses generated upon interaction of an intense laser pulse (10(16) W cm(-2), 100 fs) with a solid target. The temporal evolution of these giant fields generated near the critical layer is obtained with the highest resolution reported thus far. Particle-in-cell simulations and(More)
We report significant enhancements in light coupling to intense-laser-created solid plasmas via surface plasmon and "lightning rod" effects. We demonstrate this in metal nanoparticle-coated solid targets irradiated with 100 fs, 806 nm laser pulses, focused to intensities approximately 10(14)-10(15) W cm(-2). Our experiments show a 13-fold enhancement in(More)
We demonstrate near-100% light absorption and increased x-ray emission from dense plasmas created on solid surfaces with a periodic sub-lambda structure. The efficacy of the structure-induced surface plasmon resonance, responsible for enhanced absorption, is directly tested at the highest intensities to date (3 x 10{15} W cm{-2}) via systematic, correlated(More)
We demonstrate that aligned carbon-nanotube arrays are efficient transporters of laser-generated mega-ampere electron currents over distances as large as a millimeter. A direct polarimetric measurement of the temporal and the spatial evolution of the megagauss magnetic fields (as high as 120 MG) at the target rear at an intensity of (10(18)-10(19))  W/cm2(More)
Optical limiting performance, third-order nonlinearity chi(3), and nonlinear absorption properties have been investigated in a new class of azoarene phosphorus (V) porphyrins with charge transfer (CT) states. The introduction of axial azoarene groups into the phosphorus porphyrin structure is found to reduce the limiting threshold by a factor of 2 and lead(More)
Recent literature has reported impressive enhancements in hard-x-ray emission from short-lived solid plasmas by modulation of the interacting surface with nanostructures. We show that the modification of local electric fields near surface structures results in excessive absorption and enhanced x-ray production. A simple model based on local field variations(More)
We present high resolution measurements of the ultrafast temporal dynamics of the critical surface in moderately overdense, hot plasma by using two-color, pump-probe Doppler spectrometry. Our measurements clearly capture the initial inward motion of the plasma inside the critical surface of the pump laser which is followed by outward expansion. The measured(More)
We demonstrate that the interaction of intense femtosecond light on a plain solid substrate can be substantially altered by a few micron layer coating of bacterial cells, live or dead. Using E. Coli cells, we show that at an intensity of 10(16)W cm(-2), the bremsstraahlung hard x-ray emission (up to 300 keV), is increased by more than two orders of(More)
A pump-probe polarimetric technique is demonstrated, which provides a complete, temporally and spatially resolved mapping of the megagauss magnetic fields generated in intense short-pulse laser-plasma interactions. A normally incident time-delayed probe pulse reflected from its critical surface undergoes a change in its ellipticity according to the(More)
Severe losses of rice yield in south and southeast Asia are caused by Rice tungro disease (RTD) induced by mixed infection of Rice tungro bacilliform virus (RTBV) and Rice tungro spherical virus (RTSV). In order to develop transgene-based resistance against RTBV, one of its genes, ORF IV, was used to generate transgenic resistance based on RNA-interference(More)