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The heterocyclic moiety of 17 beta-(2-aminooxazol-4-yl) steroids is sensitive to the oxidizing action of hydrogen peroxide and yields products mainly from the opening of the amino-oxazole ring. Unlike simple 2-aminooxazoles, it does not rearrange to 2-imidazolone and the expected steroidal hydroperoxyimidazolidinones were not detected. Among the substances(More)
Spiro[androst-4-en-17 alpha,5'-oxazolidine]-2',3,4'-trione 8a and spiro[androst-4-en-17 alpha,5'-oxazolidine]-2',3,4',11-tetraone 8b, two potentially bioactive spiranes, were prepared from the parent 17-ketones in four steps (64% and 49.5% yield, respectively). The key intermediates were the hydroxyimidates 5a and 5b, which easily underwent cyclization to(More)
The crystal and molecular structures of the title compounds were determined by x-ray diffractometric analysis. Torsion angles and puckering parameters are reported for both compounds. In 1 the 5 alpha-cyano group influences the A-ring conformation. The carbonate ester 3 crystallizes in the monoclinic P2(1) space group with two molecules (I and II) in the(More)
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