G. Ramesh Chandra

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Related individuals collected for use in linkage studies may be used in case-control linkage disequilibrium analysis, provided one takes into account correlations between individuals due to identity-by-descent (IBD) sharing. We account for these correlations by calculating a weight for each individual. The weights are used in constructing a composite(More)
This paper discusses various algorithms related to generation of 3-D convex polyhedrons. These convex polyhedrons can be used as structuring elements in the mathematical morphological processing of 3-D digital images. The first algorithm proposes a new way of automatic construction of 256 convex polyhedrons in a 3-D rectangular grid by removing the(More)
This paper is concerned with the formulation of a formal language called elementary formal system (EFS) for constructive signal processing. electronic document is a "live" template. Raymond M Smullyan was the first to initiate the concept of EFS. Later Melvin Fitting formulated a theory for string manipulation language in terms of EFS.
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