G. Ramana Murthy

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This paper introduces a new approach called hybrid particle swarm optimization like algorithm (hybrid PSO) with fine tuning operators to solve optimisation problems. This method combines the merits of the parameter-free PSO (pf-PSO) and the extrapolated particle swarm optimization like algorithm (ePSO). In order to accelerate the PSO algorithms to obtain(More)
In this paper, a design methodology to implement low-power and high-speed 2nd order recursive digital Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter has been proposed. Since IIR filters suffer from a large number of constant multiplications, the proposed method replaces the constant multiplications by using addition/subtraction and shift operations. The proposed(More)
Corresponding Author: G. Ramana Murthy Lecturer, Multimedia University, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Melaka, Malaysia Email: ramana.murthy@mmu.edu.my Abstract: This paper presents an implementation of comparator (1-bit) circuit using a MUX-6T based adder cell. MUX-6T full adder cell is designed with a combination of multiplexing control input and(More)
In this paper, experimental investigation carried out on a transformer to obtain frequency response data under various deformation/displacements physically simulated to study and identify the various parameters that influence the frequency responses is presented. Transfer Function using real-rational polynomial function model was computed from the Frequency(More)
In the present work, model transformer windings were used to obtain Sweep frequency Response Analyzer measurement data for various experimentally simulated faults. Transfer function and its corresponding parameters were computed for different types of transformer faults by subspace based identification method. An attempt was made to use these parameters for(More)
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