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In recent years, agent-based systems have received considerable attention in both academics and industry. The agent-oriented paradigm can be considered a natural extension to the object-oriented (OO) paradigm. Agents differ from objects in many issues which require special modeling elements but have some similarities. Although there is a well-defined OO(More)
To test software products effectively, large number of test cases are designed. But it is nearly impossible to execute all the tests due to tight time constraints and some other reasons such as availability of experts etc. Due to these reasons, the necessity of reducing the number of test cases comes into existence. Test case prioritization helps to reduce(More)
A software organization can obtain benefits from testing only when testing time is optimized and components of greater priorities are tested much rigorously. Critical errors, if remain undetected during testing can result in loss of revenues and goodwill for the organization. In this paper, we present a cumulative priority based model for determining the(More)
In this paper we present a Cooperative Spectrum Sensing (CSS) algorithm for Cognitive Radios (CR) based on IEEE 802.22 Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN) standard. The core objective is to improve cooperative sensing efficiency which specifies how fast a decision can be reached in each round of cooperation (iteration) to sense an appropriate number of(More)
Software Testing is an important process of software development which is performed to support and enhance reliability and quality of the software. It consists of estimating testing effort, selecting suitable test team, designing test cases, executing the software with those test cases and examining the results produced by those executions. Studies indicate(More)
— Software Testing is one of the indispensable parts of the software development lifecycle and structural testing is one of the most widely used testing paradigms to test various software. Structural testing relies on code path identification, which in turn leads to identification of effective paths. Aim of the current paper is to present a simple and novel(More)