G. Raghavendra Rao

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Heart disease (HD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the modern society. Medical diagnosis is extremely important but complicated task that should be performed accurately and efficiently. This study analyzes the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, survey to test whether self-reported cardiovascular disease rates are higher in Singareni(More)
Cryptanalysis of ciphers has been successfully demonstrated through several techniques such as brute force attack, linear and differential cryptanalysis and heuristic optimisation methods. To demonstrate the power of heuristic optimisation techniques for attacks of modern-day ciphers, we present for the first time systematic experiments on heuristic-based(More)
Reinforcement Learning Algorithms present interesting learning techniques. Here an autonomous agent interacts with its environment to choose optimal actions to achieve its goals. The performance of an agent is determined by how quickly it learns and converges to an optimal solution. Q-learning and Prioritized sweeping provide interesting techniques to(More)
Performance of routing protocols in mobile ad-hoc networks is greatly affected by the dynamic nature of nodes, route failures, wireless channels with variable bandwidth and scalability issues. A mobility model imitates the real world movement of mobile nodes and is central component to simulation based studies. In this paper we consider mobility nodes which(More)
Mobile ad-hoc network represent a class of dynamic networks where nodes are non-stationary and the topology is changing rapidly. The routing algorithms for these types of networks play an important role. Traditional routing algorithms do not perform optimally under congestion and high-speed situations. Reinforcement learning-based routing algorithm SAMPLE(More)
Cloud computing is one of the emerging computing technology where costs are directly proportional to usage and demand. The advantages of this technology are the reasons of security and privacy problems. The data belongs to the users are stored in some cloud servers which is not under their own control. So the cloud services are required to authenticate the(More)
Ad-Hoc networks represent a challenging class of computer networks. Ad-hoc networks are characterized by random movement of mobile nodes. They are also constrained by limited battery power, variable bandwidth and under extreme scenarios may exhibit non-cooperation among nodes to conserve resources. Routing algorithms play a critical role in ad-hoc networks.(More)