G. R. Shivamurthy

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the apical sealing ability and adaptation of three resin-based sealers to the dentine. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 66 recently extracted human maxillary anterior teeth were subjected for the study. The teeth were prepared and obturated with gutta-percha by a lateral condensation using AH Plus, Endorez and Epiphany sealers.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to compare bacterial leakage using streptococcus mutans through gutta-percha and a thermoplastic synthetic polymer based root canal filling material (Resilon) using two filling techniques. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 90 single-rooted extracted human teeth were subjected for the study. Teeth(More)
Non-specific Lipid Transfer Proteins were isolated and purified from maize seeds using combinations of ammonium sulphate precipitation and cat-ion exchange chromatography followed by HPLC. Two peptide segments were obtained by MALDI-TOF MS analysis, which were designated as ns-LTP M1 and ns-LTP M2. Both the ns-LTPs were treated to pearl millet seeds at(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVE To compare and evaluate the micro tensile bond strength of different solvent based one step and two step adhesive systems to dentin. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty recently extracted human mandibular premolars were subjected for the study and divided into 4 groups of fifteen each. The adhesive materials Single Bond, Prime and Bond XP,(More)
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