G R Rehnberg

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Chlordimeform [N'-(4-chloro-o-tolyl)-N,N-dimethylformamidine] has been shown to cause a 1-day delay in the surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) in ovariectomized, steroid-primed female rats, presumably through its ability to block CNS alpha-noradrenergic receptors and consequently CNS regulation of anterior pituitary function. In the present study, we(More)
Information needs, satisfaction with information and information sources of women referred for surgical biopsy in mammography screening were explored. Forty-five Finnish women (23 benign and 22 malignant finding) replied to a mailed questionnaire containing fixed-choice and open-ended questions 10 weeks after biopsy. Information was regarded an important(More)
To investigate the impact of adaptive oxidative training with inhaled gaseous superoxide (GS) on endogenous oxidative stress (EOS) and lung function in asthmatics and healthy volunteers, short-term GS inhalation was repeated. The study involved 27 patients (median age 42 (34 to 44) years with atopic bronchial asthma and a median disease duration of 130 (120(More)
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